Go Green: Webcast your next conference, meeting or event

Posted by Shirley Al-Jarani on April 12, 2012 at 1:27 PM

 Recycle Earth   041112   iStock 000017556816XSmall         How can you go green, save money and still get the most ROI for your meeting or event?   Webcasting!  Communication technologies like webcasting are making collaboration easier than ever.   Organizations use these technologies for a variety of reasons, reducing travel time and budgets, seeking to operate more efficiently, or being able to make their meeting or event available to the optimal number of participants.   Many associations and non-profits have members from around the country and often around the world in remote areas.   Lots of companies have an international presence.  With our hectic lifestyles it is harder for employees or participants to be able to pick up and go across the country, much less the world, for a conference.  

          This is where webcasting comes in.   Your participants can get the full benefit of the meeting or event, participate, and ask a question,  without leaving their office (or home if they telework).  Webcasting is ideal for many types of events including conferences; local, state and federal 'sunshine meetings'; town hall meetings; continuing education; and even product announcements.     Even organizations that have a brick and mortar conference can enhance the results by making archives of key speeches or training sessions available to those who could not attend in person.  And yes, you can still charge a fee.

      InternetTelevisionConcept   041112   iStock 000018712554XSmall    Once your organization decides to webcast an important event, how should you go about it?  Should you air the event live or in "real time"?  Or, should you record it and make it available later?  What are the options?  

LIVE -- Your event is streamed over the Internet in "real time".  You choose whether it can be seen by anyone on the web or by an exclusive invitation only audience. 

'MOCK-LIVE' -- Your event is recorded, lightly edited if you’d like, and available within a few hours.

ARCHIVE -- Your event is recorded and you announce its future availability to your audience. 

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