Professional Webcasting at Lower Cost

Posted by Steve Wattenmaker on August 12, 2015 at 3:29 PM

How can we produce quality, live webcasts at lower cost? What if we only have a need to stream video occasionally? Those are questions many smaller government agencies, nonprofits, and small-to-medium businesses ask. The solution: combine existing resources with professional delivery. Here’s how . . .

First, what NOT to do. A host of video start-ups have been in the news recently offering webcast streaming CapitolConnection_VTC_Webcastfrom your desktop. If you are reaching out to friends and families, those apps work pretty well. But if you are in a business environment, buyer beware! Although some of these apps offer the option to plug-in a higher-end video camera, they are designed primarily for computer webcams or smartphone cameras. Desktop streaming does NOT offer professional-quality video, reliability, the ability to share slides simultaneously and you cannot close caption your webcasts for ADA compliance.

The answer to delivering quality, lower-cost webcasts to your audience is to start with the existing video-teleconferencing (VTC) equipment already in your conference room. VTC units generally capture professional quality video, are reliable, and already familiar to your staff. But how do you use your existing VTC unit to webcast? Isn’t video-teleconferencing a “point-to-point” solution? How does it reach a webcast audience spread across the country or around the world?

The Capitol Connection’s Plug-and-Play Webcast Solution solves that challenge. Just have your VTC unit dial* ours and we handle the rest – efficiently, reliably, and at lower-cost. When The Capitol Connection VTC units receive your live video feed, we route it into our state-of-the-art webcast encoders and servers. Our Operations Center then adds the bells and whistles you request – from an audience viewer window branded with your logo, simultaneous slide show, audience Q & A, links to Facebook and Twitter, and even live closed captioning.

We can connect to your VTC and stream in HD or analog. You can even have multiple presenters “dial in” to our VTC Bridge so your audience gets information from more than one presenter.

Perhaps most important is the reassurance that your webcast will be received reliably and smoothly by your webcast audience – whether that is 100 individuals or 10,000. The Capitol Connection uses a redundant and powerful, worldwide Content Distribution Network to ensure that your audience members have the best possible experience on their desktop or mobile device. Attempts to encode and stream live video from your office using DIY webcast software can land your audience in “buffering” purgatory. You want to delight and inform your audience members – not annoy them!

The Capitol Connection offers a free assessment to determine whether your organization can benefit from its Plug-and-Play Webcast Solution. Just click the box on this page and we’ll have one of our experts’ give you call. Or phone us at (703) 993-3100.


*I use the word “dial” loosely. Some VTC units do dial out using a high-capacity phone line, such as what’s called an ISDN. Other VTC units are configured to connect with a distant VTC unit directly over a higher-bandwidth internet link. The Capitol Connection system connects in all of these ways.