Webcasting Showcase

Webcasting Showcase

Webcasts can be live or prerecorded. Click on any of the links below to see samples of Capitol Connection produced webcasts customized to our clients' specifications. 


The National Transportation Safety Board relies on The Capitol Connection to webcast its meetings, accident-investigation reports, and hearings to concerned parties throughout the world - air travel industry, families of airplane accident victims, and the media. NTSB webcasts incorporate scrolling text captioning and can be viewed on both PCs and mobile devices. CC

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Please note:  Flash will not play in Internet Explorer with Compatibility mode  on.


Live public webcasts of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission open meetings and hearings. Include real-time scrolling text captioning. Delivered in both Windows Media, Flash and Mobile viewer formats CC.

Please note:  Windows Media Player best viewed on Internet Explorer or VLC player installed in Firefox/Chrome. Compatibility View necessary for captions to work properly

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  • The Capitol Connection was able to immediately jump into problem solving mode when we needed a webcasting vendor for an event to be hosted in less than 24 hours. They were swift, efficient and very easy to work with. We were so thankful to work with Capitol Connection for our webcasting needs!

    - Sarah M., Communications Coordinator

  • We have partnered with the Capitol Connection to do a live webcast of events for our Federal Client. They have been prompt, proactive and diligent in providing the best services possible. From submitting proposal to port event support, we could not ask for a better teaming partner. The technology is scalable & versatile. We have hosted events from commercial facilities and from government owned facilities each with its own logistical limitations. We could successfully work around the telecommunications limitations without altering the end-user experience. The Capitol Connection remains a trusted partner for our small business as a means to offer a big business solution!

    - Vineet Singhal, Singhal & Company, Inc.

  • I was very pleased with how smoothly everything ran and was impressed with the whole process. Your webcast and video production team worked well with the on-site staff leading up to and on the day of the event. From my perspective, everything went flawlessly. I was able to focus on the meeting, completely assured that the webcast would run smoothly. Kudos to your team.

    - Tanya Burns, Energetics

  • The Virginia Chamber Orchestra (VCO) is very pleased to partner with The Capitol Connection in making streaming videos available, via a web site link, to very large national and international audiences of students and educators."

    "In the three seasons that the VCO has collaborated with The Capitol Connection they have done an excellent job of adapting programs from videos of previous produced television productions and providing reliable, affordable streaming. Their staff is very competent and responsive. It is a pleasure to work with them.

    - Ann Sica, Chair, Educational Outreach, Virginia Chamber Orchestra

  • As the trade association for the wireless broadband industry, the Wireless Communications Association used The Capitol Connection\'s webcasting services on a high-profile webcast project intended to educate the industry in a timely, authoritative manner about procedures necessary to borrow from a federal grant making available more than $1 billion. We found the service first-rate, professional and highly effective for our goals.

    - Andrew Kreig, Former President, Wireless Communications Association International